Monday, December 17, 2007


I have the nicest brother. His name is Mike Stark. I've known him all my life. He's 4 years younger than I am, so when we were small, he was just a tag-along, however, he says, that he used to have a crush on all my girlfriends, and he loved to hang out with us. Now, in our "older age", we enjoy each other's company so much, and have so much in common, like art, gardening, photography, animals, and talented kids and grand kids.

He just left my house, after spending 3 days with me, and it was such a gift to have each other to ourselves for that amount of time! He's every woman's dream, and his girlfriend, Terry, and his daughter, Shana, and his grand daughter, Kylie, agree with me. We're honored to know him!

He's sweet, kind, thoughtful, talkative, intuitive, and VERY generous. His smile and sense of humor can also be described by all those same adjectives. And to top it off, he even knows his feminine side! He lives and believes in his program, which is all unto its own, and very admirable.

While he was here, he read a lot of my garden magazines to get ideas for his new home in Ventura. He also fixed everything that he possibly could, that needed honey-doing! In my cardboard house, there's always something, and I appreciate all his help. What a talent to be able to be a Mr. Fix-It! There's still more to do next time he comes.

I always used to wish I had a sister, but now with my 3 lovely daughter's, and Mike's friend, Terry, the all important "sisterhood" , (that I will write about in a later blog,) and all my dear girlfriends', I feel satisfied with the sister part of my life, but having such a nice brother, is the best sibling I could ever want or have. He's definitely the man of my life.

Thanks, Mike. Merry Christmas. I can just imagine how much enjoyment you'll get out of 2008, especially with your new house! Be safe in your travels! I love you!

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kecia said...

that was really sweet, mom. Uncle Mike will appreciate that. he left me a very nice holiday message. i wish i had been here to receive it! i'll send a card his way in c/o Shauna.