Friday, November 23, 2007

November 23, 2007

It would be a 65 mile drive to the nearest large store, and besides, Black Friday just isn't for me, so before I go to work this afternoon, I'm going to drive down the road about 8 miles, and go to the open house being put on by the local alpaca ranch. Want to take pictures, of course, (hope they have babies) and check out their advertised gift shop. I know they must have yarn, milled from their animals, and I think they get it milled locally. Since I'm a hand-spinner, I'm anxious to learn the particulars.

Late yesterday I received a dinner invitation from my friend, Anita, who, along with her son, runs a B & B nearby. She's a friend from my old Yosemite days, when i lived and worked in the Wawona Hotel there. Her B & B is named the Pine Rose Inn, and it is like an old fashioned lodge. We had nice dinner, and, although she lost her power, we pioneered on with candle light! Delightful. (we lose our power often here in the mountains)

I'm listening to TSO. The weather is finally thinking colder. Our Indian Summer has been a many splendered thing; warm, yellows and reds, with good walks and smells for my dog and I, but today, we have an unusual wind and a bit of frost! There goes the last of my dogwood leaves outside my window here. I still have a few Anna hummingbirds in my feeders, along with a number of other birds. Some of the hummers will winter over here, but that's a whole other story for another time. It's a good day.

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kecia said...

ok, where are the pics? gotta see the llama with his hair cut.