Thursday, November 22, 2007

Thanksgiving Day 2007, Bass Lake, CA

This may be the first Thanksgiving I've ever spent alone. Well, I do have my blessed dog, Muppet, 3 cats, and 2 very old and noisy white doves, but due to my job, and a nasty cold, I chose to just stay put at home this year. I couldn't do it at Christmas time, but for today, it's delightful. This time last year, I was in New Jersey at Kecia's, and the year before that, at Kim's in Ventura.

One of my "close-at-home" adventures recently has been trapping critters, mostly raccoons, from under my house where they are doing damage. After a round robin group of calls, a few weeks ago, I came up with the "federal trapper's" # where I left a message. He answered promptly, and came here the next day with a trap. Two days later, I had a very large raccoon in the trap, and called the trapper to come get him. As he was taking him away, he informed me that he had to put it down. He can't relocate it because of disease. I felt bad. So for the next 4 trappings of smaller raccoons, I'd take them across the lake and release them. As for the oppossum I trapped last night, I let him go in my yard, as I know he's been around for years, and doesn't live under my house. I found out how they were getting under there, and now have to have someone come and fix the damage!

Protector of the Underdog,
Provider for those who have none,
Do you wear the bandit's mask
to hide the good deeds that you've done?
Teach me to turn away from
rich rewards or worldly acclaim,
Knowing that my generosity allows
my Warrior Spirit to be reclaimed....
from The Medicine Cards

By the way, the clam dip that Kecia posted is delicious! It's a good day!


kecia said...

Well congratulations on your first post! sounds like you had a nice day despite the fact that you spent it alone. we missed you here. it was boring setting up my booth yesterday without you there to help!

jthom03 / Jan Thomason / said...

Dear Keesha's mom,
Hello!! This is Jan, the pretty one.
I'm so glad that K. got a blog up and running for you - you're going to have so much fun with your "on line diary"!
And when you have time, I hope you read mine once in a while - you really should get to know me as K. is one of my best friends:) Jan
P.S. You're blog is now part of my list of favorite blogs!

mom&muppet said...

Hello, Jan, this is Keesha's Mom - thanks for stoppin' in at my new blogspot! I'm just soooooo excited that Keesha did this for me! Yes, I will really enjoy it, as it will get me going on writing my Life Story, and keep me stoked with my passion for photography. Much more fun writing Life Stories this way, than at boring WORD! Loved your blogspot. All that sincere, loving, and caring enthusiam pours out from you, and certainly makes your art and all that you do a smashing success! You are, indeed, the pretty one! It's a good day!

dogfaeriex5 said...

what a beautiful banner!!
we have 6dogs and a cat...all rescues...i bet were you live is beautiful....hope to see you around blogland and please stop by my place when you have some time....

kecia said...

kim of dogsfaerie5 is my buddy in Ohio that i visited in Sept for my b-day. i met her last may at an artreat as well! by clicking on her name, it will take you to her blog (if you didn't know that all ready!)
kim is the one who loves my tacos.

franswazz said...

You sound like a very neat person and the pictures of birds are just gorgeous...
Will check up your blog again as I would love to see more of your photography!

sandra f. said...

How fun to start new on a beautiful blogsite with a banner by kecia! She is a doll and I bet she gets that from you!! This blogging can get a little addictive, more fun than watching t.v. or just reading away the time when the weather is too cold or rainy!! I think Yosemite is so beautiful, been years since I was there...looking forward to beautiful pics on your blog!!!-Sandra from